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Interview with Chef Stefan Richter

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Chef Stefan Richter

Chef Stefan Richter

Chef Stefan Richter was born in Finland, but spent the majority of his childhood in Germany where he began culinary training in his early teens. He worked his way through various European and Asian kitchens. In 1998, he joined master chefs Grant McPherson, Sotta Kuhn, Jacques Torres, Jean Philip Maury, and Marc Poidevin as part of the creative team for the opening of the Bellagio Hotel, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas as Executive Sous Chef. Since then, Stefan has moved to Santa Monica where he reimagined LA Farm into  Stefan’s at LA Farm, serving  New American cuisine with European flair. Stefan has also opened the restaurant group, Stefan’s Restaurants, which includes a full-time catering and event company and three steak houses in his native Finland.

I sat down with Stefan at his restaurant and we chatted about his experiences on Top Chef, his food philosophy, and his upcoming projects – burger restaurants.


Interview with Norbert Wabnig

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Norbert Wabnig

Born in Vienna, Norbert Wabnig and his family moved to New Orleans in 1955, but returned during summers to Vienna, where he apprenticed in the kitchen of his uncle Franz Blauensteiner’s restaurant, Gausthaus au Stadt Paris. After graduating from the University of New Orleans, Wabnig moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career with his band Wendell Nightfall Troupe. To support himself, he took a job at what is now The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, which he later bought in 1978.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is amazing.  I was lucky to sit down with Norbert, literally break bread and talk about cheese.  Here is our chat: