Interview with Chef Antonio de Livier

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Chef Antonio de Livier

Chef Antonio de Livier

I recently visited the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort in Cabo San Lucas.  While there I was lucky enough to dine at La Frida, the Mexican-themed restaurant  which celebrates the artist Frida Kahlo at their sister resort, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.   Executive Chef Antonio de Livier was gracious enough to sit down with me before he made me an elegant and lovely tasting menu at La Frida.  We talked about his philosophy on cooking, Mexican cuisine, and cuisine at La Frida.

De Livier is Mexican by birth, eclectically international in his approach to food and its preparation. Since childhood he has harbored a passion for the special qualities of Mexican foods—their tastes, textures and abundant variety. At La Frida, he combines the best of local fish, seafood, meats and fresh organic vegetables and spices in his own artistically adventuresome recipes, creating delicious nuances and intricate layers of delicate flavors. The result is a menu that brings elegance and a joyful exuberance to contemporary Mexican cuisine.

De Livier was born and educated in Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese and English. His passion for cooking took him to the U.S. for further study and to work with talented chefs in an international atmosphere. He was formerly with the acclaimed Great Bay Restaurant in Boston, which has lent an authentic Boston accent to his perfect command of English.   He is executive chef at restaurants Fellini’s and Las Palomos at other Pueblo Bonito resorts in Cabo.  Here is our conversation.


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